RM Legacies

The Real Madrid Legacies verse involves what are commonly called in fraternities, sororities, universities and other organizations as “legacies”. A legacy is a member (or an incoming member) whose parents or grandparents are/were members of such institution/organization. Being a legacy does not guarantee you membership but it sometimes helps.

In this verse, first set towards the end of the 2028-2029 season, most of the players of Real Madrid are legacies, sons of former players, who, although did not necessarily play together for at least half a season, are all part of the Real Madrid family.

There will be few exceptions to this verse, however. Some of the players will be legacies but not to Real Madrid alumni. Some are canteranos and current players *hint* who have dedicated their lives to defending the escudo of Real Madrid. There will also be notable appearances of current and former players and managers.

The story is not linear, and can be read in any order. However, it is advisable to read according to posting date because there might be parts that are explained in previous chapters.

This is the list of all stories in my Real Madrid Legacies verse. All stories are PG unless otherwise stated.

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The Godfather – Real Madrid buys Leo Torres from Atletico Madrid. While he is not a legacy, his godfather is essential in sealing the deal.
El Mister – Xabi Alonso reflects on his journey to become Real Madrid’s manager.


#15 Leo Torres: The Godfather


Xabi Alonso: El Mister


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